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    02.23.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Seriously. Who wouldn’t want a plush souvenir to remind us of just how awesome those Egyptian gods were?

    $42 from Franz Tormers.

    p.s. I almost didn’t post this product b/c it was on a black background. THAT is how much I distaste stuff on black backgrounds. Man.
    p.p.s. I forgot to tell you — there’s a poster design competition going on at the Franz Tormers blog. Enter if you’re crafty.

    • my friend serena has a blog that is all about black backgrounds. this post made me think of her and want to defend the black background. but really, i just love her blog – http://extraspecials.blogspot.com/

    • oooh Franz Tormers are talented young Kiwis (New Zealanders) aren’t they?? I’m so proud…
      I also really dislike black backgrounds…I try my hardest to avoid EVER posting anything with a black background. And I thought I was strange….

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