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    04.16.2010 / places

    Thanks to Jess who sourced my conservatory image, I found the glorious home of Charise Harper, which was featured on dear Grace’s blog over a year ago. And in the glorious home of Charise is where I found the following image, which is INCREDIBLY up my alley:

    [image credit: designsponge]

    That artsy awesomeness? You guys, I’m doing this. I’m totally, 100% doing this, and not even Husband can stop me. I’ve got the image; now I need the blackboards. Oh, the excitement is brewing!

    • Thanks so much for the link!
      I read your blog every day, but never expected to see my own name here!

    • love that! i’m painting two whole walls with chalkboard paint! :)

    • This is all kinds of awesome, really. I’m now looking at the vintage lady portrait in my office in a whole new light.

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