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    04.15.2010 / myKind

    I was chatting with a reader today and admitted that I was perhaps born in the wrong country (although after thinking about it, my love for cheeseburgers and fried chicken leads me to believe I’m in exactly the right place!). I loooove the minimalist consumerism that I see on an international level and am super inspired by interiors, style and fashion from over the pond. And although I won’t be moving abroad any time soon, I can definitely channel my love for far-flung adventure into my decor.

    Surprisingly, I’m going to start with something that has nothing to do with decor: LANGUAGE. As I mentioned before, I have what I call a “sunroom,” and have decided that, from this point forward, I’m going to name it my “conservatory.”* See? I’m instantly chic, right?

    And while I’m on the subject, I’d like to show you my #1 inspiration for a conservatory:

    [anyone know where i found this image? i’ll give you a virtual cookie.] [image credit: designsponge] (thanks, jess!)

    Isn’t this the most glorious, sun-filled space? I can only imagine cuddling up in the early spring morning and blogging from my comfy couch (although I’m leaning toward a daybed, b/c I’m lazy and think it would be fun to have sleepovers under the stars).

    Perhaps this Burke Decor (Hello, sponsor!) Caribou daybed would fit the bill? I’d drape it with tons of patterned blankets from Pendleton, my favorite source for rad southwestern blankets (like this glacier blanket! Eek!) And, of course, some sweet Anthropologie sheets. Oh, I would never leave that bed.

    What do you think? You do realize this will change next week, right? When I change my mind? I’m terribly hopeless…

    *I have House to Home to thank for that term, b/c let’s be honest; I haven’t used that word since I last played Clue, Jr.

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