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    04.06.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Or… tomato, I guess.

    German brainiacs at The Deli Garage have created an edible food spray that coats any item (eggs, tomatoes, you name it) with a metallic finish. I don’t cook much ever, but if I did, I’d bling my dinner daily.

    Can’t wait to see what Martha Stewart does with this!

    • wow Erin, only just seen the new look, and i love it! :)

    • Wow, that is so cool! Would be great for parties/events!

    • My roommate just told me last night about how her grandmother died from lung cancer from crafting too much with gold spray.

      So the idea of eating this seems really terrible to me right now.

    • oh my goodness — what a horrific story! this says it’s edible, but you never really know w/ that stuff.

    • Um, scary story, daughter earth! But, it would totally rock hard-boiled eggs!

    • love it. All things in moderation though, just to be safe.
      Also love the new look of the site!!

    • bummer, sold out.

    • omg that sold out fast!

    • Oh my goodness!!! This is the nest idea ever! I love to bake, but making pretty cakes is not my forte. A coat of this seems like it could fix anything!

    • this would come in handy when my boyfriend refuses to eat veggies. “but BABE! they’re golden vegetables…”

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