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  • art display 101.

    05.12.2010 / places

    I’ve been thinking a lot about art displays, as I have collected quite a bit of art over the years. I suppose that’s one of the perks of writing an art/design blog, yes?

    Regardless, I’m aiming for an entire wall full of framed art in my office like the above wall of paintings, but I so love fun, creative montages as well dispersed throughout any space:

    [Image via Yatzer]

    [Image via KITKA Design Toronto]

    [Image via Domino Mag]

    [Image via Domino Mag]

    And, of course, artwork that isn’t technically artwork also makes for wicked exciting displays:

    3d floral wall art (get similar ones at Umbra) [Image via CityPix]

    Paper cut-outs [Image via Skinny Laminx]

    Empty frames with hidden art objects [Image via Emmas Designblogg]

    Or… photographs galore!:

    [Image via Domino Mag]

    [Image via Domino Mag]

    Plenty of possibilities… ;)

    • Art walls are my current #1 obsession! It seems like it’s all I can talk about! have some of these pics but definitely need the others for my collection. :)

    • Love the art but I can’t stop staring at the blue wall. Yikes, gorgeous!

    • so nice to see such inspiring and creative alternatives to the typical wall hanging displays. love that brilliant blue wall to set off the muted artwork and that 3-d floral arrangement is amazing! thank you for the inspiration, erin!

      xoxo, juliette

    • i love the blue wall, too! that color is just PERFECT.
      you’re welcome, all.

      i didn’t include the usual suspects, but i just may create an art wall with plates (like my old bedroom) or even ceiling medallions! eek!

    • Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! This makes me so excited to decorate my new white walls. The coffee filter one is always good, but I love the white frames around objects. Thinking thinking thinking because of this :).

    • […] følger en blogg som heter Design For Mankind. Der fant jeg i et innlegg et bilde som var blitt funnet hos Emmas designblogg. Jeg elsker hvitt og minimalisme, og dette er […]

    • LOVE the floral 3D wall art!

    • Juliane

      I think a wall packed with nicely arranged pieces gives a warm, personal feel. I really like the white on white. Monochrome is fun because you can get creative with textures and everything still works.
      wall art

    • […] space itself, not just the rooms. We sat down with our architect and discussed everything, from how I plan to display my art collections to my dream sunroom. In doing so, our architect encouraged us to check out a local vendor that […]

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