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  • channeling new mexico…

    05.13.2010 / places

    I’ve been thinking quite a lot about Southwestern decor and how much I love a good cowhide, kilim and exposed wood. For months I’ve been calling my soon-to-be home a “rustic/modern” (for lack of a better term), but could it possibly be more of a Southwestern Scandinavian cabin? Is there such a thing? Perhaps I’ll name it SXSC or something cheeky.

    Regardless, I love, love, LOVE these interior shots I spotted over at a local New Mexico tumblr Inside. Yes, I could easily see myself incorporating bounds of inspiration from these goodies:

    [All images courtesy of Inside]

    The bottom two are my favorite, if you couldn’t already guess. White paint and exposed fireplace logs? YES!

    • Oh my god, LOVE.

    • I love these images, right there with ya!

    • oh gosh, i love those wooden ceilings. esp that asymmetrical one — talk about beauty in imperfection.

    • All of these are beautiful! The first one is my fav!

    • Leilani

      MMmmm…love these. I grew up in New Mexico and this aesthetic is very close to my heart. Yes, even though my house wasn’t nearly as well considered as these. (My fave is the top, but you know how I feel about geometry.)

    • Loving the walls in the first photo!

    • hello erin! this is a really beautiful collection…i love that plank, oddly distressed (or stained?) wood floor… so nice to visit DFM!

    • the wallpaper in the first photo and ombre bedspread in the third. um, yum! yes, please!

    • Wow, the room and bed in image 7 is absolutely amazing. Made me feel very relaxed and green with envy at the same time.

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