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    05.04.2010 / ART + DESIGN

    Marion Lane’s “Chasing the Rabbit” series is so fascinating to me. Her description of the work?:

    “I think of these paintings as abstracted TV images, frame by frame. There is no one-to-one correspondence with any particular image. It is more that the paintings are associated with this ideal image space, although the exact nature of this association remains unclear.”


    • So soothing!

    • so soothing

    • I don’t know how a series of works can seem chaotic and quite at the same time, but these accomplish that! And the color choices are so unique…

    • […] 9. Marion Lane’s thinks of her paintings as abstracted TV images via Design for Mankind […]

    • “Abstracted TV images” – reminds me of Videodrome! :)
      These paintings are nuts, and I love it!

    • Alissa

      Marion’s work is stunning! After reading her comments about these paintings, I see them as a commentary on our media consumption – a random garble of information that we constantly ingest, but how does it get processed, and how does it affect us? Not sure if she sees it that way, but for me, I love that she can provoke my thoughtfulness AND give me something beautiful to see at the same time.

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