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    05.13.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Tel-Aviv-based design duo Odelia Lavie and Dan Hochberg created a living room set using paper pulp — creating a surprisingly strong, yet totally recyclable product.

    Fund, fund, fund!

    • Amazing! This makes my mind wonder…what else could be made from paper pulp? Hmm….

    • NUH UH! Mind = blown.

    • Leigha, thats exactly what I was thinking. These look great as well.

    • This is like take away furniture. Splendid indeed.

    • this. is. awesome!!!

    • wow! amazing!

    • With all due respect to the designers, do you really think a living room set like this would enhance the look of your lounge? I certainly don’t think so

    • oh definitely not — i think you’d need to use it in the right setting, and not minimally. but kudos to the idea!

    • yup, this is awesome. super awesome in fact!

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