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  • ahem… (and a reader survey!).

    06.07.2010 / Miscellaneous

    I’m pausing for a moment to ask you a small favor. There are giant things on the horizon, and before I throw myself into a tizzy with new opportunities, I wanted to calm down, take a deep breath, and talk to you.

    See, I have so, so much to thank you dear readers for. Really. Design for Mankind has opened up more doors than my favorite bellhop (Hi, Mike!), and for that — I am so grateful.

    But? I would hate for the growing pains of myself, life and expectations to affect Design for Mankind negatively. In other words? I want to give credit to my first love: this blog. I want to make it perfect — for you, me and … you again. Tell me what you like, dislike and are growing tired of.

    I’ll do the rest. ;)

    Fill out the reader survey right here, and thank you. From the bottom of my blog-shaped heart.

    p.s. You have until next week to fill out the survey, but do it right this second if you love me.

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    • Anonymous

      umm… that’s not a picture of you…

    • no, definitely not! i just thought the photo was pretty. :) it’s linked above!

    • I forgot to add this in the survey, but I like your site design. It’s clean and pleasing. The ads fit nicely and unobtrusively on the right side. I like the dotted line to separate content and ads. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bright yellow since the rest of the site is on the transparent, pale side of things, but the contrast is nice and while bright, doesn’t disrupt the color flow (which is mostly gray currently, but still!). And I just noticed the shade of yellow in the origami bird in the header so yeah, that makes sense now and is definitely cute(cute here meaning awesome). >_<

    • thank you, kim! that’s so kind of you to add!

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    • Survey taken! I usually read your blog through Google Reader, but coming here and seeing this fresh design (I LOVE gray + yellow) is a lot better :)
      Thanks for bringing a little inspiration to my mornings!

    • will do!

    • thank you so much, guys!

    • Hi Erin, your first love (this blog) is so great. And I have to thank you, because this bring me back love for design REALLY. Since I saw your blog I have brainstormings a lot. And I think, oh my gosh I want a friend like her! :P
      Greetings from Portugal. (sorry, I wish my english was better)

    • you are so sweet; thanks, ni!

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