weekend mash-up.

Whew! I’m tired today, so my weekend plans will likely involve some quiet moments and tall glasses of iced green tea. Perhaps I’ll sit on my back patio, contemplating smart things like the bare essentials of the graphic designers or crafty things like turning my favorite Hammocks and High Tea tea towel into a pillow cover.

And then? I’m sure my mind will drift away to the many creative people out there, doing their many creative things. Like Jag’s new (adorable) origami poster and upcoming mad tea party. Or Zerihun, who makes organic shoes from used rubber car tires (and they’re lovely!). Or Maria and Nuria, who managed to remind each of us, beautifully, that I am in the place where I am. And of course, Octavilla, who transformed their magazine stash into a lovely wall installation.

Rest easy, folks. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!

[image credit: zoeah]

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