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  • sharp as a tack.

    10.06.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Ha. I’m funny today! But seriously, I love this image so much.


    • This is our steely face…for bad mood days. It looks beautiful but its the one you put on when you want no-one to touch you. NO-ONE. you are funny today!

    • wow…her features are a little sharp…ha! See what I did there? ;(
      Okay, so I am NOT so funny but, this image is amazing. :)

    • the short blond hair goes really well with the set up, I do wish her eyes were more pronounced to pull everything together. It’s a really cool image, but it somehow feels like it could’ve been more and that would’ve made it amazing…Love, Jules

    • Imagine if she approached you looking for a hug? lol

    • This is great! For some reason it feels very “david bowie” to me.

    • wow, I had to look closer to see that they’re thumb tacs. ouch. hehe

    • ouch indeed! and yes, it’s verrrry david bowie-ish! ha! love it! :)

    • Who would have thought thumb tacks could look so lovely.

      What a test of patience–how long would it take to glue that many to a person, I wonder?

    • Who knew tacks, when applied to a face, could be so neat? Wow.

    • YES YES YES!
      This gets saved to the inspiration folder.

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