• google-satellite-swimming-pools

  • 125 swimming pools.

    11.23.2010 / things

    Jenny created a print out of 125 swimming pools she cut out from Google Satellite. Super genius.

    Plus, it’s $20. Even more genius.

    LINK:  20×200

    • This is simply brilliant. Not only do I want to clip out swimming pools for a pretty picture, I want to get a pool for my backyard now.

    • king tut

      this is the dumbest waste of time ever. Get a job…seriously.

    • i think its brilliant, too, lu!

    • I love it! Would look perfect in my powder room :) Happy Thanksgiving, Erin!

    • i kind of want one in my powder room, too! :)
      (right back atcha!)

    • It’s a showcase of creative designs work. Very nice..! Amazing.

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