• patterned-office

  • could i please…?

    11.18.2010 / Miscellaneous

    … have a job at this office? Thanks much.


    • Wow! The little man gives it such scale.

    • totally! and he just looks so cute in there! :)

    • Whoa Mama!

    • Oh my, I would never get any work done:) That is amazing!

    • i know, right?! either that or i’d get epilepsy. one of the two.

    • Button seller, I presume? If the company my grandfather worked for had offices like this, I would have wanted to visit all the time!

    • isnt it AWESOME?!

    • Amazing, but guess would walk out everyday with a headache.

    • Birgit_Wo

      amazing! I’ve just been staring at this pic for five minutes finding more and more eyecatching details!

    • ha — definitely.

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