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  • dreamy paintings.

    11.24.2010 / Miscellaneous

    There’s something completely ethereal about these paintings. Gracious.

    p.s. Can you see faces in a few of these, or did I have too much coffee?


    • Mmm, paint oozing into other paint, my favorite when I’m working with the medium, love, love all the colours and the way they have been mixed and pulled into one another…and ethereal, erin, one of my favorite words…Love, Jules

    • Whoa! Thanks for linking to my blog, Erin. I didn’t even realize you were a reader. (doing happy dance and snapping fingers) lol

    • i actually just discovered you and am in LOOOOVE! great blog, dear! let’s be friends!

    • i love that word, too! eek!

    • Love Arts and these are wicked, scary and beautiful in the same time. Thank you for such a great post, Erin.

    • Ashlee ivery

      I love it! I would love to hang these hang on my walls

    • oh gosh, me too! :)

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