• origami-fashion-2

  • origami-fashion-2

  • origami-fashion

  • inspired by…

    11.30.2010 / Miscellaneous

    … the origami-esque fashions and dreamy photographs of Gregoire Alexandre’s portfolio.

    Just lovely.


    • wow wow wow this is fantastic. i love the first one so much!

    • i love the first one, too! :)

    • I think my brain just exploded from too much awesomeness.

    • ha — happens to me often! :)

    • […] [as seen on Design for Mankind] […]

    • this is seriously awesome. i have origami-loving friends who are gonna FLIP when they see that first picture

    • Wow, that first green one looks like the horse just tumbled out of the paper! Really impressive and creative!

    • amazing, i love how you can see the whole sudio too, with the extra rolls and the rigging

    • Did Gregoire also construct the origami pieces?

      Love the way the woman in white is mid-bound away from the horse.

    • whoa! the origami is fabulous, but i must say that the model makes those images what they are. amazing!

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