• the-catcher-in-the-rye-sweatshirt

  • 1984-sweatshirt

  • moby-dick-sweatshirt

  • literary sweatshirts.

    11.09.2010 / Style

    Did you catch Cool Hunting’s coverage on Out of Print Clothing? Book covers on sweatshirts! Yes.


    p.s. 1984 is SCREAMING my name.

    • these are AWESOME! you have such a great eye!

    • thanks so much, lizzie — you are so kind!

    • I love these sweaters!! I’m torn between Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick!

    • I foresee the most scrumptious Christmas gifts in my near future.

      Husfriend is “loving” the forwards I keep sending him of your posts. :)

    • arent they fantastic?!

    • Erin G.

      You are on fire today. On Fire! You just gave me the perfect gift idea for my bro’ and sis-in-law. They will FLIP!

    • OMG YAY! i’ve been thinking of getting this for someone on my gift list, too. perfect gift!

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