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  • pom pom hats.

    11.11.2010 / Style

    New hats from Annie Larson. Stop that. It’s impolite to stare.


    • love them. great color combos. very cool

    • Dree. Mee.

    • hhahahahah i know — i love these cuties so much.

    • I’ve never been a fan of pom pom hats, but some part of me *really* wants one of these.

    • ha — i haven’t either, but the colors are just TOO CUTE!

    • My dad used to call these dork hats when I was a kid and after a while, the shame got to me and I began to give mine away to charity shops. Now I really regret that decision. Retail therapy goal for today – find a great pom pom dork hat and wear it with pride!!

    • I freaking LOVE pom pom hats no matter what anyone says :) Stripey one is awesome!

    • ha — dork hats! that’s hilarious! you poor thing :(

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