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  • happy christmas eve eve eve!

    12.22.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas for those of you celebrating! Posting will be light next week (sans a super awesome giveaway), unless I change my mind. I do that sometimes all the time.

    Get thee to the eggnog!

    • I really like the giftwrapping, it’s very beautiful.
      Merry Christmas for you too :)

    • thank you; right back atcha!

    • I love the gifts and the lighting….beautifully FAB!!!

    • Love that bulb ornament! Oooo I’m getting so excited for Christmas! Might take you up on that nog. :)

    • thank you!!! i’m so excited for christmas this year! :)

    • Love all these festive decorating and gifting ideas! I think whites can be great for the holidays with a bit of sparkle and these pictures prove that! Happy Holidays!

    • i agree — thanks, laura!

    • Pretty fierce rabbit! Digging the gift wrap and wishing you and yours a very merry as well :)

    • Susan

      … loving the lovely glittery wintery whiteness. say that 3 times, fast! xo till next year… <3

    • A super white Christmas Eve post. So lovely! Merry Christmas!

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