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    12.21.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Chelsea’s pact to stop complaining for one week. I’m on it. ;)


    p.s. Am I still allowed to say it’s cold, then? I mean, it’s a fact, right? Crap. I lose.

    • i didn’t do so well with it and often was like – ‘i’m not complaining, i’m just saying’. i don’t think that works, but will try again and again and again …

    • hahahaha i said that today, too. EEK! i’m horrid with this!

    • I love it. It’s like who can be quiet for the longest game. I always loose that one. :) Happy Holidays girl. xo

    • Lesley

      A jewish friend told me that, in his culture, if it’s true, it’s not a complaint.

      I think you’re in the clear!


    • ha — yay, thanks, lesley! :)

    • ha! somehow i missed this! thanks for the post! it’s amazing how it turns your thoughts around! xo

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