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    01.17.2011 / myKind

    Vic posted a peek at her uniform (which I’ve seen in person, and is quite cute, I might add), and I’ve been thinking about the idea of uniforms ever since. Perhaps it’s the upcoming trip to Alt Summit (dozens of stylish gals all in one spot!) or my impending move (a.k.a. closet clean-out!), but I’ve noticed that lately, I’ve been gravitating toward the same look, time and again:

    [Plaid shirt, jeans, boots and pearls!]

    Seriously. Every day last week I wore a variation of this ensemble. I’ve got five go-to plaid shirts that are in continuous rotation with my boyfriend jeans, grandmother’s boots and some serious pearl pile-age to balance all of that masculinity. And for January, it feels just right.

    What are you guys wearing this month?

    • Woah, sorry that comment was so long! I didn’t mean to be so wordy. I just wanted to add that I just got a real job (in addition to Sbux) and will be much more aware of what I’m wearing. I’m actually really excited to have to put together decent, nice outfits!

    • ha — so exciting, brittany! thanks for sharing and congrats on the new job!

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