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    02.07.2011 / ART + DESIGN

    Nothing creeps me out quite like a used Band-Aid (ugh, I’m cringing as I type this), but these aren’t used. Promise.

    Cabin fever moms, take note: Band-Aids can be crafty!


    • what an incredible concept. loved looking through her site & laughed at her installation sketch of zero size jeans and scale that never weighs more than zero.

    • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by blogs of the world, Michael DiTullo. Michael DiTullo said: Kristina's band-aid work featured on designformankind: http://www.designformankind.com/2011/02/band-aid-art/ @erinloechner #art @CVS_Extra […]

    • I can picture tons of art installations with different color band-aids. Ohh, neon pink and nude… Sounds like a new project for me!

    • I really, really, really want to like it. I love the design and the look of it but I get grossed out when I think abouthem being band-aids. I wonder if interesting tape could make a similar look without making me queasy. :)

    • ha, band-aids make me queasy, too! i think it’s the smell?

    • Erin G.

      Is there no end to the craftily gifted people of the universe? This does walk the line between gross and cool. Definitely evokes strong feelings! You can bet we’ll be doing something band-aid inspired the next snow day. (and yeah, it’s the smell)

    • Susan

      I normally don’t have any issues with band-aids but… this did kind of make me shudder.

    • It just goes to show, art that evokes this kind of reaction, is infact art!

    • A store here in California called Cost Plus World Market carries all sorts of neat-o candy.

      Once, while browsing, I found candy packaged in a faux Band-Aid tin. My initial reaction: “Disgusting! Why would anyone want to eat something resembling a bandage????”

      Don’t recall if it was gummy, gum, or chocolate. Nonetheless, gross.

    • they are creepy indeed.. perhaps they remind us of our past pains? i.e: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cansutastan/4169801480/

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