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  • introducing my bed… (and a sleep number giveaway!).

    02.01.2011 / Miscellaneous

    You guys. Today is a big, big day. I woke up in my OWN bed. No joke. This is huge for me. Do you realize I’ve been living with my in-laws for two years? And sleeping in the tiny bed my husband slept in when he was 15? Yes. Enter saintly congratulatory comments below.

    EDIT: Martha from Scottdale, GA — you are our winner! Sleep Number will be emailing you shortly, and congrats!

    Anyway, our HGTV.com renovation is in the home stretch, and I am so crazy excited to move in. I mentioned a few weeks ago that our Sleep Number bed arrived, and then last week? Our gorgeous bedding showed up on our doorstep. And although I really want to wait until a few last minute jobs are completed to 100% call this place home, I couldn’t help snoozing in such a cozy bed.

    So, to celebrate… (hurry and sit down). I’m giving away a Sleep Number bed. Actually, my Sleep Number friends are giving it away, but I’m helping. And it’s our biggest giveaway yet. Did I mention it’s a Sleep Number? Gracious. I’m pumped.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Here’s how to enter:

    1. Sign up for a Sleep Number newsletter (they send you awesome deals, discounts and don’t spam. Promise.)
    2. Enter ‘designformankind‘ in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section or you won’t be eligible to win. For serious. Don’t forget that part.
    3. Wait by your inbox. I’ll announce the winner in THREE WEEKS. Are you psyched? Me, too.

    The bed you’ll receive (should you be the lucky winner!) is a P7, the exact model I have in my own home. Value is nearly $3,000. You lucky things, you.


    • Reshma

      I really need a bed – mine is passed down from 2 generations of previous medical students. My back hurts often in the hospital :( I like yours a lot. Can you, me and Sleep Number dudes be friends so I can get a new bed?

    • congratulations! I know the feeling of waking up for the first time in your own bed, in your own room, in your own house, so so amazing!

    • Jeez…I had NO idea how long you were at the in-laws’ place! Sleeping in the teenage bed was probably cute…for like one night. :-) Congrats on having your big girl bed!

    • christina

      maybe i’m just having issues, but when i signed up for the newsletter, there was no “how did you hear about us” section. i signed up anyway hoping it would come up somewhere after, but it didn’t. i signed up AGAIN, and put it in the messages field, but i have no idea if i’m entered or not? nobody else is reporting an issue, so i’m afraid this is a user error…

    • hi christina — hold tight. it looks like an admin error on sleep number’s part! i’ll keep you posted…

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    • Marthalynn

      Yay, I was the winner for the bed giveaway! Thanks for doing such a fantastic giveaway and thank you so much for letting us watch your journey as you make this house your home. As new parents, my husband and I are looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep in our new bed thanks to you and Sleep Number! It’s going to be delicious.

      Thanks again :)

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