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    04.04.2011 / ART + DESIGN

    This print is the price of 30 tacos. Or 15 if you order the fancy kind (of tacos).

    [thanks for sending, reader lydia!]

    • mmh tacos… ahem – love this!

    • I just saw that on Etsy and thought of you! I also love this one:
      Have fun finding homes for all of your art in the new place!

    • okay. you know that thing…when you have never heard of a restaurant and then one person mentions it and all of a sudden EVERYONE is talking about that damned restaurant. (Okay, actually, that is happening right now…i’ll get there when i have a sec!)

      but. i also randomly ran across that piece on Etsy and then now it’s here and in a couple of inspiration boards and now i feel like I HAVE TO have this piece! wth erin!

      just kidding. kind of.

    • aw! i feel loved :)

    • it makes sense that the strongest shape would be beautiful art. I love your taste in design, erin.

    • oh thank you sweet friends! i’m so happy to be back and chatting art w/ you. my how i’ve missed this! :)

    • oooo i love all the colors in this! yay triangles!

    • seriously!

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