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    04.07.2011 / ART + DESIGN, Style

    I caught up on my Google Reader yesterday and my gracious, there were some hidden gems in there! Here are a few goodies I love from around the web:

    My new favorite Tumblr via Nazara.

    Embroidered toile shoes — love this!

    An amazing IKEA hack — no tools required.

    Arian Behzadi does amazing things with paint brushes.

    Stationery with a sense of humor via Tina. Yes!

    This hat? I need (via Shiny Squirrel).

    p.s. Thanks again for bearing with me during this move. I have sooo much to share when I get things unpacked and in order!

    • I love the embroidered toile shoes. Richard Saja came up with the simple idea of embroidering over toile, a few years back. Injecting colour into the black lines of the print brings it back to life, making this very traditional pattern easily accessible to the modern world.

    • oh those toile shoes and the stationery! killing me in a great way!

    • i love the ikea racks!

      <3 steffy
      Steffys Pros and Cons

    • The stationery kills me. Have you seen the ones with the unicorns and the Twilight fans? Hilarious

    • seriously — so fun, yes?!

    • The stationary is great !!! You´ve got style. Your blog and stuff here are really fresh and inovative. The IKEA hack looks great, when combined with the right stuff I can imagine a really nice room.

    • thanks, heather!

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