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    crystal crayons.

    05.23.2011 / ART + DESIGN

    Oh, I need these in my life. ($8) (thanks, erin!)

    BTW — do you guys call them cray-ons or crowns? Have we had this convo yet? I can’t remember.



    p.s. Although I realize the correct pronunciation is “cray-ons”, I still call them crowns. It’s one of my biggest flaws. Trust me, I’m just as disappointed as you are.

    • Hmm, cray-ons or craans, I think, is where I stand.

    • ooh crans. i forgot about that version. ;)

    • CROWNS?! Whut.

      I once convinced a friend of mine that “croutons” is actually pronounced “Kraut-ins”.

    • HAHAHHA you are the cutest thing alive, anna.

      and i know. crowns is despicable.

    • Julia

      Craaaaans! Never heard it pronounced ‘crowns’ before!

    • never? oh gracious!!! i am way weirder than i realized. :)

    • oh erin, you make me laugh so so so very much and it’s fabulous! for the record, i say “craans” like bridget and julia. :)

    • ack! i am so weird!!!! :)

    • Chelsea

      I say “crowns”, I know, it’s terrible! Maybe it’s a southern thing??

    • yay! i’m not the only one! it must be!!!

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