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    05.11.2011 / myKind

    This one is George’s favorites. Clearly, he’s thrilled. (Also, I’m aware I’m holding him like a toddler. He loves it; I promise.)

    I wore this to the E.R., where the doctor informed me that I couldn’t hear out of my right ear because there is a hole in my ear drum. Which is fantastic news.

    No, really. It’s great news. This means when Ken asks me to do the laundry, I can say “What?” until he eventually tires of repeating himself and he breaks out the detergent on his own.

    Best curse ever.

    • george! adorable. i carry vinny (german shep/husky puppy) around like a baby on his back and he’s 45 lbs. already. he loves it though, snuggles into my arm and all of that. pets can be bizarre.

    • george is SO sweet. i do the same thing with one of my pups. she’s such a cuddle bug.

      i hope your ear heals soon. how scary that must have been for you!

    • Maria

      Hilarious! I used to carry my parent’s Wheaten just the same way!

    • omg that is so crazy!!!

    • thanks friends!

    • I hope it heals quickly! A few months back either my husband was mumbling everything he said or I had something wrong with my ears. My husband started to get annoyed by my constantly asking “What?” so I decided to just start repeating what I thought I heard which turned into a hilarious good time. “Did you just say you want to get some kitty pants?”

    • HA — you are hilarious!!!!

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