• solar-system-poster

  • the solar system in 1887.

    05.17.2011 / things

    Looked pretty stellar, yes? (Ha. A kind little Tuesday joke for you.)

    By the way, Banana Strudel has an insane collection of antique maps. Go forth and plaster your walls. ($25)


    • I love vintage maps!

    • I love pretty much vintage anything- I think an antique map could be such a romantic gift though- you are “out of this world” or something corny…

    • I have no idea what those lines flying off the map are, but I’m glad whoever drew this was wrong about that one.
      On a side note Banana Strudel is a great name for a shop.

    • i couldn’t agree more!

    • […] scpt.parentNode.insertBefore(elem, scpt); })(); 5/18/2011an orion sweater. 0CommentsSpeaking of solar systems, I’m crazy for this Orion galaxy sweater. ($190)p.s. Can you spot the model’s […]

    • […] here as well. Being a fan of vintage maps, globes and signs I was beyond excited when I saw this post from Erin about Banana Strudel’s extensive collection. And I mean extensive, almost 3,000 items and […]

    • Hallo Erin,
      We were so honoured to be featured in your beautiful blog that we went, er, bananas. Thank you very much.

      We love vintage maps and prints and are happy to share our passion with everyone!

      The von Strudels

    • awww you guys are the best!!! keep up the great work!

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