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  • MYkind: today’s outfit.

    06.30.2011 / myKind

    Oh look! More cobalt blue! In love. This is my smart outfit, which is what I wear when I have a client meeting. That’s a trick sentence there, because you see? I don’t meet clients in person. I live in the middle of nowhere and engage in phone meetings only. It’s lovely, because I don’t even have to brush my teeth to make money.

    But. Here’s the deal. When I have on my smart outfit (a blazer is always a smart outfit, fyi), I feel wayyyy smarter than I truly am. So even the phone meetings require a full get-up. That way, I bring my A game.

    [Sweatshirt blazer: Nordstrom, Necklace: Local Boutique, Nude tee: H&M, Cobalt pants: ASOS, Heels: Modcloth, Photo: Betsy King]

    You love those shoes, don’t you? Me, too.

    • LOVE that necklace! (And your sweet face!)

    • thank you!!! the necklace is as fake plastic as you can get, but i love it anyway. :)

    • that’s true… smart dress for a smart meeting.. even though on the phone! nice cobalt blue meetings! :-)

    • a few things: i love that you ‘dress’ for phone meetings (me too!) just like smiling on the phone – people can hear it; you look adorable in that color blue; the new (ish) photo setup for these shots is great!

    • thanks, maggie — its my friend betsy! shes a fantastic photographer. :)

    • You are too cute! I agree… I always feel smarter in a blazer.

      You look great in colors :)

    • Great outfit! Love the blue and love that anyone’s IQ increases the second they put on a blazer (I wear one when I have to do any public speaking hehe).

    • LOVE this outfit! Those blue pants are to die for. And, you always look so lovely and glowy in these outfit pics!

    • thank you! its good lighting. :)

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