• San_Paulo

  • Venetian Causeway, FL Sunset 6:54pm Plate 1 © Eric Cahan

  • Flying-Point-Beach.12.25.10

  • Bridgehampton, NY Sunset 7:48pm Plate 1 © Eric Cahan

  • North Sea Harbor, NY Sunset 7:51pm Plate 1 © Eric Cahan

  • palm beach sunrise

  • A

    a surprising sky series.

    07.06.2011 / ART + DESIGN, Favorites

    Eric Cahan takes fine art photos of colorful skies throughout the world. Above is a North Sea Harbor sunset, a Palm Beach sunrise, and a Bridgehampton sunset.

    Flying Point Beach, Venetian Causeway and San Paulo are above. Amazing.


    • Shut up!?! These are actually skies?? Amazing. Crazy.

    • Erin — these are FANTASTIC! I’ve always marveled at how many amazing colors appear above on different days at different times. I’d love to have a series of these hanging down a hallway. Wonderful — thank you for posting!

    • Amazing shots! Could definitely incorporate one of these in my home.

    • these are unreal. so gorgeous and serene!

    • So beautiful… I want!

    • aren’t they crazy? i’d totally put them in my home, too. its like nature’s version of color blocking!

    • Love it! I’ve recently started skywatching myself (http://uncoverla.blogspot.com/2011/07/skywatching.html) and it’s awesome to think that what’s above isn’t always blue and white!

    • These are so awesome!

    • erin, not color blocking – ombre!
      but OMG some of those skies I’ve seen and some? the purple ones? the pink > orange ones?

    • Love the work It reminds me of one of my favorite artist Mark Rothko. Mastering color in a minimalist design is a very difficult task. I particularly like #2, 3 , and 4.

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