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    09.07.2011 / myKind

    Welcome to my office attire. I like to get dressed up for working at home, but not so dressed up that I can’t sit cross-legged or spill coffee on my shirt. Enter the maxi skirt.

    [Top: Children’s section at thrift store, Maxi skirt: Forever21, Headscarf: Vintage, Heels: Target, Photos: Betsy King]

    Time out: Betsy said something funny about bananas here.

    What do you wear to work?

    • i love those shoes and your top! i used to wear a frown at work, but now it’s a smile until ‘payday’ when i’m just perplexed :).

    • Love the outfit! That head scarf is adorable. You rock that look.

    • thanks ladies! :)

    • love that you can throw together things from here and there and make it look great all together!

    • You always have such cool short hair bling – I love it!

    • sooo comfy and adorable. I need this exact outfit for my day job…
      Please post immediately. Just kidding.
      x meagan

    • love, love, LOVE this look! the hair tie is adorable and i love the heels (probably because i just picked up a pair myself on target’s clearance rack) :)

      xo jeanette

    • I just started working from home this past month, and I’m desperate to kick the horrible pajama habit I’ve already acquired. I vow to get dressed up tomorrow just for you!

    • Gosh you me smile. So super cute (may not seem an appropriate word, but your squished face pic makes me want to giggle with you!) Love the neutral tones. Im trying my best not to always default work gear to black!

    • Love it! I work from home too, but I try to look presentable too, during the summer it’s usually my Ellipse skirt and a Mociun tee.

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