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  • color of the week: neon grape.

    11.14.2011 / columns


    With the days getting shorter and nights cooler, I’m feeling bright bursts of neon purple to keep me bright and cheery. Here are a few of my favorite grape -hued products!:

    1. Nylon backpack ($42) at American Apparel
    2. Lacoste purple ribbed scarf ($70) at Stylebop
    3. Italian gloves (£49) at Zenggi
    4. Polka-dot embossed leather wallet ($350) at Net-a-Porter
    5. Bow brooch (£3) at Hannah Zakari
    6. Suede brogues (£35) at ASOS
    7. Essential V-neck tee ($17.50) at Victoria’s Secret
    8. Harry Allen piggy bank ($220) at Areaware

    • The purple pig strangely reminds me to the pigs in Animal Farm…

    • *reminds me of.

      Ups, stupid spelling mistakes.

    • hahahah YES!

    • This color makes me think of figs, one of the great fall fruits. A personal favorite.

    • OH gosh yes – figs are so beautiful! :)

    • I’d love to have the purple pig, the purple bow and the purple backback!

      And the scarf. That’s kinda cool.



    • hahaha omg alex – i love you! :)

    • LOVE ALL YOUR PICS! how do you pick a color to showcase? is it the one that coincidentally pops up the most during the week?…I JUST ENJOY SO MUCH WHEN POSTS ARE BY CATEGORY OR TOPIC ACCORDING TO A DAY, (does this make sense?) very cool

    • thanks, dear! i just choose one that ive been noticing a lot lately. :)

    • A small correction – the beautiful gloves cost 49 Euros, not 49 cents. If only…

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