• merel brouns timeline journal 2

    merel brouns timeline journal

  • merel brouns timeline journal 2

    merel brouns timeline journal 2

  • an infographic journal project.

    03.22.2012 / things

    merel brouns timeline journal 2

    Dudes. File this under “total insanity meets above-average awesomeness.” Graphic designer Merel Brouns documented an entire year in her life through a series of gorgeous infographics. The result? An accordion-style book that spans over 300 feet long (a centimeter for every hour!), listing each detail of her day – sneezes, showers,  snafus and more.

    merel brouns timeline journal 2

    I cannot fathom the patience and dedication this project must have taken to pull off, but my gracious – what a fun memory she’ll have for decades! Amazing.


    • What incredible dedication she has, and what a treat it will be to go through 20 years down the line. Thank you for sharing!

    • An amazing progect – and excellent alibi!

    • Thanks for sharing this! How awesome~

    • Incredible! Loved reading the story at the link

    • Complete dedication. Love it.
      If only my concentration span was as good!

      • Ha, I know – can you imagine the patience??? Gracious!!

    • No way would I be able to pull off such a thing. The dedication!

    • I’ve seen similar publications similar to this i.e. a year of what someone ate, or growing their hair, etc. but this info graphic idea is genius and what dedication! Heading over to her site NOW. cheers!

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