• say what you mean poster

    say what you mean poster

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    04.20.2012 / Miscellaneous

    say what you mean poster

    Designers have opinions. Strong ones.

    You’ll never see Jonathan Adler add ruffles to his pillows in the style of shabby chic, just like you won’t see Erin showcasing the latest and greatest in goth jewelry.

    In life, as in good design, having a strong point of view can only serve you well.

    If there’s something you believe in, say it out loud. It doesn’t matter that people disagree – newsflash: someone will always ALWAYS disagree. What matters is that you speak it and you own it.

    There is nothing in this world more beautiful, bold, and amazing than a woman who so fervently stands by her beliefs and values.

    Put power behind your voice and see how the sparks fly!


    • wise words.

    • yes yes yes! full heartedly agree 100%!

    • This is great, and true. I make modern baby quilts and my husband dislikes all of my original designs because they are not symmetrical. But once I pour my heart and soul into them and execute my vision into a soft, cuddly, forever blanket for a new tiny baby, he agrees that they are perfect. So, if I can ignore his advice, I can ignore anyone’s! I’m going to print this out as a poster and hang it on my wall!

    • so true. this truly touched my heart and makes me feel like i can make my wildest dreams come true as a designer :)

      • so happy to hear you all are enjoying tiffany’s column as much as i am! :)

    • dayna

      Wow, I read this at a time when I really needed to. Thank you (a lot!) for this new column. This is probably the biggest piece of truth that I have been struggling with, now that I am re-directing my life to become a designer. I know what I like, and what perspectives I sympathize with, but to be successful and sure and true, you must know yourself! And your perspectives! And not be confused, un-confident, or shy about them.

      Anyway, thanks for saying it again! I think I needed to kick in the pants! And the unexpected life-advice aspect was damn nice, too!

      • i’m so happy to hear that, dayna! tiffany is a breath of fresh air, isn’t she?

    • Completely agree with this. So true.

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