• diy closet hgtv.com

    diy closet hgtv.com

  • MYkind: a new closet!

    04.02.2012 / myKind

    diy closet hgtv.com

    My husband is a film editor by trade, yes, but I always joke that I married a filmmaker and got a bonus carpenter along the way (a very handy combo!). So when I asked him to build us a custom closet in our master suite, he jumped at the chance and we filmed the whole process for HGTV.com. Enjoy!

    • You GUYS. Ken and Erin need their own prime time show STAT.

    • Ha — you are adorable, Jess. :)

    • i agree with jess!

    • Bizarr-o blog bonanza! My husband is a film editor by trade and handy carpenter man, and just built closet shelves, too! … although our shelves are decidely more shnaty-town than yours, and are being used to house our record collection and unsightly tv-related items instead of clothes. Three cheers for film-geek wood-working life partners and their magnificent blogger/writer wives!

    • @teresa – OMG we are twins!!!! :)

    • *shanty-town.

      Wonder twins ACTIVATE!

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