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    04.05.2012 / myKind

    pregnant style

    OK, so these pics are a wee dated and I’m looking at that sad little bump and thinking – wowza, I do not remember you being that little. Pregnancy is funny; every little change in your body feels monumental until two weeks later when you meet a whole new set of monumental changes. (My hip is pulsating as I type this – I’m assuming that’s normal, right?)

    pregnant style

    Anyway, have I talked about the knitted pencil skirt yet? I don’t think so. I have been living in the knitted pencil skirt (this one’s from Target; similar to this style) for the past few weeks. Because it stretches. And stretch right now is the secret ingredient to my comfort and sanity. Plus? It’s double knitted, so it sort of hugs you, making you feel like you’re wearing a chic little sweat pants number. Or something of the sort.

    pregnant style

    I’m still in crazy color-loving mode, so the bright coral and teal shoes brighten my day like no other. And because my center of gravity is ridiculously off, wedges are a lifesaver for when I want height and fun, but also want to not fall and squish the baby. Double bonus.

    p.s. I do not want to discuss my hair in these photos. It’s in a funny little stage, so I’m going to just pretend I’m not noticing the almost-mullet happening.
    p.p.s. All photos courtesy of Betsy King! 

    • i adore you!

      those shoes are fierce and so is your hair! YER GLOWING, mama!

    • You look awesome!
      Where did you get those fantastic shoes?

      • @callie the shoes are seychelles from last season – they’re crazy comfortable! :)

    • I’ve been following your blog for a while now, but I don’t believe I’ve left a comment before (why??!). I LOVE these pictures – you look absolutely beautiful! What an exciting time it must be for you :) Thank you for all the inspiration – I adore your blog!

    • OOOH…I ADORE this outfit! That necklace just pulls the whole look together too :)

    • Denise

      Love the top! Who makes it?

    • @denise it’s from express a few years ago – very comfy!

    • you look stunning! such a cute belly.

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