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    me + nate berkus.

    05.09.2012 / WORK

    Back in January, Ken and I welcomed Nate Berkus’ lovely audience into our home for a quickie house tour and a few before/after shots of our (still in-progress!) renovation. Thought you’d like to see how it turned out!:

    Thanks for having us, Nate! For insider details on the entire renovation, see where it all began on HGTV.com.

    • You guys are just too awesome! I love this house tour. And I’ve never read/seen the part where you framed pieces of wallpaper for your artwork. That is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard of!

    • Thanks, Andrea dear!

    • So beautiful! I loved the framed wallpaper and the vaulted ceiling in the bedroom. Great work, you two!

    • Oh my God, how cool! You’re such a sweet couple, and your home is beautiful! Did you film this pre-bump?

      • Thanks, Chedva! I was just 11 weeks pregnant here, yes! :)

    • Anonymous

      You guys are SO cute. Beautiful home. Can’t wait to see what you do for baby!!

    • Yowza – loved your home! Seeing what you and Ken have done to your house makes me SO excited for us to buy one soon!

      • Thanks so much, Maggie – and ohhh, buying houses is so so exciting! :)

    • your home is so gorgeous and you guys are adorable! thanks for sharing… way to represent Indiana! i had no idea you were a fellow ‘hoosier’… we’re in Valparaiso.

      • @Jessie – Thank you! And OMG I love Valpo!! You guys have my fave tavern of all time in Valpo. :)

    • Long time fan of your blog, Erin! I’ve been stalking (er…following :)) your renovation for awhile and it’s so nice to see it all together in a video. You have flawless taste and seriously one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. Your vision is truly inspiring.

    • Ellen

      Eeeeee! Looks awesome.

      I swear, at the end there you look like you’re about to jump up and down giggling with joy because you are so proud of your house – and you should be (I would!).

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