• cardboard hangers

    cardboard hangers

  • hangin’ tough.

    09.12.2012 / things

    cardboard hangers

    …as tough as cardboard, that is. These cardboard hangers are forcing me to re-think my entire closet space. I so badly want to ditch my colorful clothes and just invest in colorful hangers, all donning perfectly gray v-neck tees (which I’m wearing daily because they’re super spit-up proof).

    Was that a run-on sentence? Perhaps. In the best of ways, though.


    p.s. Also, patterned coat hangers!

    • Cool! Anyplace you can replace plastic with paper (cardboard) is a good deal in my book.

    • Cardboard hangers are great because they take up less space so you can fit more clothes in ;)

    • Wow, these cardboard hangers are awesome, so environmentally friendly, however I believe they are designed for the light clothes only.

    • These look awesome, and quite convenient!

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