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    12.03.2012 / things


    Happy gift guiding today! Whether you’re sitting behind a cubicle or are planning to ship your favorite e-colleague something special this year, enjoy this roundup of fun/quirky surprises below!:

    1. Because he secretly wants to be a world famous painter but, for now, needs a place for his paperclips. Brushstroke porcelain tray ($54)
    2. Because your boss is tired of you two passing notes in the conference room. Secret scroll pen ($25)
    3. Because her inspiration board is lacking… inspiration. Paper airplane push pins ($7)
    4. Because it’s hot pink. Pink tape dispenser ($12)
    5. Because he’s the only person you know who still uses a manual sharpener. Sharp Image pencil sharpener ($20)
    6. Because she keeps losing her pens (and stealing yours). Face pencil pouch ($36)
    7. Because he uses his desktop calendar exclusively for doodling. Draw Your Tomorrow planner ($34)
    8. Because he reads comic books during lunch break. Jason’s super power strip ($20)
    9. Because you were buds in elementary school. Lined paper notepad ($8)

    • very similar to ‘draw your tomorrow’, i have the ‘tomorrow planner’ in pink, also from poketo. i can’t to use it — i’m all set for 2013. anyhow, this is another awesome set of finds! i love that power strip. so practical and so very cute.

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