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    12.10.2012 / personal


    I’m still en route to Seattle, but I thought I’d pop in to see if you friends are a member of Luvocracy yet? Yes, it’s yet another social platform to keep up with (I’m drowning, too!), but this time there’s a bit of a perk involved…

    Luvocracy is like Pinterest, allowing you to create collections based on various avenues of your lifestyle, tastes or recommendations. Yet here’s the kicker: you’re rewarded directly for any purchases made from Luvocracy. Rather than a site for tutorials or recipes, Luvocracy encourages users to share items that are shoppable – turnings its users into the ultimate personal shoppers and tastemakers.

    I can imagine so many possibilities for this site, from color-coded shops to USA-only products. Wouldn’t it be fun to create your own virtual storefront without the hassle of shipping and wholesale orders?

    You can see my own recommendations for babies+kids above, but I’ve also been busy building a few collections for style and parties (with many more to come, I’m sure!). Feel free to join me by using my invite code here, and I’ll see you at Luvocracy!


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