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    05.07.2013 / TRAVEL

    lake cabin 5

    I’ve been doing some heavy duty soul searching lately (that’s pretty obvious, right?), and one of the things I’m realizing about myself is that I love to travel. (I know; I’m a late bloomer here.) It used to be that the crowds and the unknown and the anti-routine of it all just seemed very… non-me. But then I learned what you non-me people have been raving about all of these years. There’s just something so very inspiring about being out of your element and into the world, united with strangers by a shared need to navigate fresh surroundings.

    lake cabin photos

    And for me, it’s not just about seeing new things or eating different foods. It’s an adventure – a challenge to yourself to embrace surroundings that are beyond your immediate control, under the parasol of familiarity. To trust the story you’re creating. Heck, to write the story you’re creating.

    lake cabin 4

    Last month, I picked up my pencil and wrote, crafting run-on sentences of warm sand and broiled grapefruit and fresh, lake air at our friends’ cabin in Michigan. And although there were a few rough paragraphs (punctuated mainly by Bee’s hatred for her car seat), the story was unmatched.

    lake cabin

    We lived and lounged and laughed, passing Bee around between guitar riffs (video below) and seaside walks. And it was the perfect page for my story to start, blotted with the ink of new friendship, quiet mornings and a fresh perspective.

    Commence chapter one.

    p.s. Thanks to Ken for the video and Caroline for the photos.

    • Oh hurrah hurrah hurrah! I’m so excited for the new things opening up for you, my darling friend! A new beginning and travel does that. It opens you to marvelous experiences. Hurrah!

      Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

      • Oh how I love you, sweet Dottie. :) Thank you so much!

    • Centsational Girl

      Bravo Erin, I agree there’s something beautiful inside that always comes out when we’re removed from the safety of our haven and when we go exploring and adventuring. Keep it up!

      • Thanks, Kate! Hope you’re well! And amen to exploring and adventuring!

    • I so get where you’re coming from – I am just getting over a weird, funky period where anytime I thought of traveling I was overwhelmed by the planning, being away from work, coordinating who would take care of the dogs, the house, the mail…

      But a fresh perspective seems like exactly what I need right now and I’m excited to see what’s to come for you! Now to start planning my next few adventures.

      • Ah, I’m right there with you, Rachelle! Here’s to many adventures for both of us. :)

    • There’s something about travel that stirs things up – but in a good way. Getting out of our routine – physical or mental or emotional – climbing out of our ruts.

      And it sounds like part of the charm was a bit of a simpler routine too. I cannot get enough of cottaging in the summer – living in a bathing suit & flip flops, swimming, grilling every evening. Love.it.

      PS My girl did NOT like the car seat at.all when she was a baby. She’s an active girl and a kinesthetic learner – she just has to move. I think the “bucket” was way too constraining for her! Oh the wailing (both of us) when we had to drive longish distances…

      • Amen for the simple routine! You’re right – it was much more relaxing and much less harried. (And man – I fear for what I’m in for with this one – car seats are a constant battle!) :)

    • you look so good with that baby! :)

    • This is so beautiful. And that video just stirs something in my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • Isn’t Jayden talented? Such a treat to hear him. :)

    • love this erin. i wish i could travel more. what am i saying? i can, i just need to do it. you have inspired me to do so! there is something so attractive about being outside of your element, giving control over to God, really.

      • Agreed! And man, I used to say the same thing. I’ve taken “I wish” out of my vocabulary completely. We’re lucky to be capable and able – we just need to do it. :)

    • I always say that I would make such a wonderful wealthy person because I would travel like a boss! (And I would totally support women’s movements and build wells and such) but I digress. Because I’m not rollin in dough we have had to get creative with our travel and I agree that a change of environment does wonders for ones creativity! Thanks for sharing!

      • Ha – you are the cutest. And man, yes! Travel can be so pricey, but I’m making an effort to look for hidden gems that are inexpensive and close-by. I’ll let you know how I fare I’m sure. ;)

    • Lovely post. Creativity really likes to travel…it´s like each new place we visit had the key to open a little box inside our brain filled with ideas. Love how Bee stares at the guitar! :)

      • Ahh, I like how you’ve worded that! (And ah, thank you – she was entranced!)

    • Another great,inspirational post :)

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