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    07.15.2013 / apparel & accessories

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    By far, the biggest surprise for me when it comes to dressing Bee has been just how difficult it is to find basics. Solid colors, neutral shapes, classic combos – it’s a seemingly uphill battle, and I’ve certainly been known to cut off a few extra lacy bows here and there. So I was thrilled to hear of Shampoodle, the brainchild of Swedish-based photographer Jakob Wastberg and art director/graphic designer Helene Stevenberg. Their philosophy? When it comes to clothing, age, size and gender are 100% irrelevant.

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    The pair began Shampoodle as a hobby – a side project to produce something that would have the tiniest impact on someone’s life. And yet, through the birth of their child and four short years later, their tiny impact grew to span 15 countries as over 6,000 kids around the world raced around in their first product: the Shampoodle Track Suit.

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    Nearly all of Shampoodle’s cotton jerseys are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and the pair works closely with each producer to ensure good working conditions. But perhaps the most appealing element to Shampoodle’s business model is the desire for simplicity in design.

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    “Our only restriction when it comes to design is to keep it within the limits of our own tagline: childishly comfortable clothes,” the duo says. “We believe that leisure clothes work for any occasion – it’s just a question of how you wear it and with what! Often basic, but never boring.”

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    It’s a refreshingly simple take amidst a sea of bold patterns and decorated fashions. Because after all, shouldn’t the kids themselves be the main event – natural and unadorned as their uninhibited personalities take center stage?

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    Three cheers for play clothes our littles can actually play in.

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    Image Credit: Shampoodle

    p.s. More neutral kid’s clothing!

    • margaux

      the swedes do the gender neutral thing so well!

    • I wish America would catch up. I hated the color pink when I was little and loved blue. When I look back on my baby pics and I’m wearing pink, I cringe.

      • Ahhhhh, seriously! We can’t get away from pink, either. But sometimes I shop in the boy section, and that seems to help tremendously! :)

    • Gender-neutral basics are the best. Design for Minikind does it again!

    • This is SO refreshing (although you might be hard-pressed to find a little boy who’d don that last outfit!). I find myself cringing at most kid’s clothing, girl’s stuff especially. So many sparkles. Cutesy sayings. Booty shorts!!! It embarrasses me.

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