It Does Exactly What It Says On The Erin Loechner


I’ve used up all of my words lately in my inbox, because January produced quite a flurry of emails. (Slow down, productive people! I can’t keep up!) And then it produced a snow storm in my actual town. And then in my inbox and again in my town and now I’m trying to shovel but it’s just all too big so I’m going to sit down and eat chili and wait for it to melt on its own. Emails melt, right? Of course they do.

Worth noting: this post title holds zero meaning, except that this morning I received an email pitch with the subject line “It Does Exactly What It Says On The [Brand’s Name]” and I realized that is the perfect sentence to say if you want to say nothing at all. And that is what I want to say: nothing at all.

Anyway, my e-friend Pip does this fun check-in with herself to mark the days/moods/seasons, and it just seemed so fitting and also so very Web 1.0 where my high school friends and I would send weird surveys to each other on Hotmail and sign things like BFFAEAEAE (Best friends forever and ever and ever and ever, for those of you who didn’t grow up in my generation or in southern Indiana). Anyway.

Here’s my list of everything that’s happening right now, and you should absolutely make one because I can’t think of a better way to mark today, you know? Go.

Making: myself go to yoga every day. It’s been terribly good for my pent-up energy level but terribly bad for my laziness merit badge progress.
Cooking: anything in a crock pot. All the time. I can’t keep that thing empty: chili, stew, roast, chicken, you know. There are chicken “wings” in the thing right now (parenthesis because they are cutlets because why would you willingly buy wings when you could just do chicken cutlets and then not at all have to work your food off the bone, or is that just me being lazy again?).
Drinking: red wine, and a lot of it. Because it’s snowing all the time. Also, coffee (the usual) and I’ve been on a hot tea kick because we’ve been entertaining a lot of families recently and it’s funner to say “Hot tea?” than it is pretty much anything else ever. Also water, always.
Reading: Dr. Seuss, Jen Hatmaker, Diane Keaton, Eric Carle, Dave Pell’s app, adoption paperwork.
Wanting: to clean out my closet and dress in monochrome only. It’s a matter of time.
Looking: out the window and there is more snow, which is rude.
Playing: Hide & Seek with Bee near-daily, which feels so grown-up that I have a daughter who is old enough to play this game.
Wasting: too much produce because our produce delivery keeps sending eight syllable vegetables that look like gremlins. Cannot compute how they are possibly edible.
Sewing: oats? This is a trick question, because it’s almost like you’ve never met me. I sew never.
Wishing: I didn’t have the Cailou theme song stuck in my head.
Enjoying: this season. It’s a rich one, with equal parts inspired work and playtime with Bee.
Waiting: to finish our adoption paperwork. Hand cramps, hand cramps.
Liking: rare movie date nights, even when I think we’ve ended up in the wrong theater and halfway through cannot understand why American Hustle isn’t Dallas Buyers Club and where is Matthew McConaughey?
Wondering: when Dallas Buyers Club comes out.
Loving: Ken Loechner. That man is ridiculous rad.
Needing: to pee, but I’m pretty determined to finish this list first.
Smelling: like Mimosa from Commodity, which is a perfume everyone should say yes to.
Wearing: my giant coat and boots, for aforementioned snow reasons and because my blood runs cold.
Following: this project because these two boys are doing rad things and they’re sweet friends.
Noticing: that the old(ish) man in the coffee shop next to me has toilet paper on his shoe, and should I tell him? Is that a weird thing for men? I don’t even understand why it’s a weird thing for women, actually, because it’s not like it’s used. Or wait, how would you know? Is that why it’s weird?
Knowing: so many more things since I started reading the news this year. Must keep this up!
Thinking: too much, per usual.
Feeling: hungry and kind of achy, courtesy of yoga.
Bookmarking: this site, but it’s because I’m biased and I love these girls.
Opening: emails and then re-marking them as unread because it feels like I’m semi-organized and also weirdly making progress.
Giggling: at the old(ish) man with the toilet paper on this shoe. (I haven’t said anything to him yet, but I’m going to. Don’t worry.)*

p.s. *Told him! He said it’s just as weird for men as it is for women, and why wouldn’t it be? And then he invited me into his conversation which was a 100% complete and legitimate discussion about whether or not Janet Jackson was really Michael Jackson all along. I happened to give a speech about this in college and am surprisingly well-versed in this topic, so clearly there is a God and His timing is perfection.

  • Oh, Erin! This post and that photo made me giggle!

    When I was in high school, I used to write down (with varying degrees of frequency) what was currently occurring. Below the date, I’d note the top 10 songs (thank you, Casey Kasem), the weather, what I was doing in school, the latest news stories, and other random tidbits. I had this idea that my future self (or future strangers) would find those notes of random *right now-ness* much more interesting than three pages of my teenager-feelings ;) This list of yours reminds me of that and also makes me smile.

    Thank you for sharing and keep warm!

  • Agreed. The snow is RUDE (sorry I had to capitalize the word because it’s just the honest truth)

    Caillou is so not my friend but my son loves him (oh and thanks for reminding about that over due Max and Ruby library video)

    Lol to ending up in the wrong theater. A friend of mine just did this. Took her son to see Frozen but then realized after a few vulgur previews they were in the theater showing (ouch)

    Yes to Mimosa

    Why do we think so much?

    Poor guy! Glad you told him. In regards to Michael Jackson, the idea popped up in my mind on the way to work: Did Diana Ross ever try to sleep with him or manipulate him? Makes no sense right? I couldn’t figure out why that would just pop in my mind as I was driving. Please share your speech!

  • Sewing oats! I love you, Erin. Also, I am SO glad you like NextDraft! Dave is an old friend of mine, and he really is that funny and smart, and he always has been.

    • I love YOU. And you’re the one I have to thank for the NextDraft intro, so thank you! I really, really, really love that app. It’s the perfect amount of news for an easily overwhelmed gal, and YES. So smart/funny. Perfect balance. I can only imagine how wise your mealtime convos must be, fellow smartie!!! All my love (and man, I miss you!).

  • Best.Post.Ever…such a needed laugh in the middle of the afternoon. And I will be sharing the Let Them LOL fundraiser link. We have many, many, maaaaany lego men we can donate – my bare feet can attest to that! Great opportunity to teach my littles about giving and sharing.
    Thank you!! xo

  • Go peeeeeee!

    Aw. So nice to talk to you and read your list. The blogging world has changed so much, so great that you continue to be JUST AS ACE and interesting as always.

    Alos, it’s boiling here. I want to be cold like you! *wipes brow*


  • Ok I was giggling to myself throughout this whole thing but the Janet Jackson bit sent me into full on audible laughter status and now my boyfriend who’s working next to me is staring at me all weird and I’m just gonna keep this tidbit all for myself and not tell him what I’m laughing about so that the curiosity kills his productivity for the next five minutes. Yeah, you just created straight up psychological warfare up in here.

    In summary, this made my day. :)

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