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    My New Favorite Salad

    05.05.2015 / PLAY

    Sometimes, when you find yourself in San Francisco, you take a cooking class. You saddle up to a countertop with gals who have never cooked, who only cook on weekends, who cook for therapy, who cook for fun. And you all dig your hands into an oversized metal bowl and alas, something is shared.

    Our instructor was Annie Lawless of Suja Juice, who was both delightful and passionate with a vast knowledge of combining healthful nutrients into new, exciting ways. Can you call a kale salad exciting? You can. You may. This one is.

    The trick is to measure the ingredients and – once combined in the mixing bowl – massage them into the kale with your hands, which sounds odd for those of you who are new to the kale rodeo, but it makes all the difference. Don’t even pick up the mixing spoon. Hands, hands, only hands.

    And head’s up: the recipe’s crazy easy to double and perfect for dinner party prep because it will keep for up to an hour in the fridge, which in my home, is just enough time to find Play-Doh in the toilet, take three deep breaths and call Ken for his plumbing services before guests arrive.

    We have consumed it three times this week – both solo as a light lunch and as a side dish for a hearty dinner. You will love, truly:

    -1 head of lacinato kale
    -1 avocado
    -1/4 finely chopped red onion
    -2 Tbsp dijon mustard
    -2 Tbsp coconut aminos (or soy sauce)
    -1 tsp garlic powder

    Three cheers for Annie and her cooking skills (to which I’ll be forever indebted to for teaching me the proper pronunciation of this word!). Happy dinner prep, friends!

    p.s. Thanks for the photo, Thayer!

    • Oh yum, totally trying this! And what a good top about using hands! I can see how that would make all the difference.

      x. Morgan

    • This is a dream salad! Wish I would have seen this before going to the store for salad fixin’s tonight. Thanks for sharing Erin!

      • You’re so welcome, Jennifer – you’ll love it! :)

    • Anything is good with avocado. = )

      • Amen, amen!

        • breaking news! I did a rif on this salad that is da bomb: kale, avocado, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper, and blueberries. And bacon if you’re really feeling frisky. YUM. = )

        • WHOA! That sounds incredible!!

    • Delicious! I remember the first time I read a recipe that said “massage the kale” and I was like ” you want me to do what to the what?” but I dove in, trusting the blogger behind this recipe and massaged and it was lovely to see the kale turn to this vibrant shade of forest green. I’ll definitely be adding this recipe to our lineup next week.

      • Right? It’s uncanny what a difference it makes! :) Let me know how you like it!!!

    • So you just toss everything in a bowl and mix and massage with your hands? Sounds yummy!

    • OMG – we just tried this for lunch! Soooooo good! Thank you so much for sharing! As a thank you, here is my favorite Kale salad recipe. It’s a lot of chopping, but the effort really pays off.


      And if you have the time, there is nothing like the taste of roasting your own almonds!

      • oooooh thank you for the return favor, candace!!!!! :)

    • This sound so hearty and healthy. What clever idea to combine kale and avocado together that too with garlic.. yum!

    • hollYo

      Made this yesterday. It was delicious! Glad to have a new way to use an abundance of kale – thanks for sharing.

      • Ha, me too! We always have kale in spades!!! You’re so welcome. ;)

    • I love kale salad – I already have two dressing recipes for kale, and I am happy to add this as a third. I plan to try it this week.

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