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“By day, I research trends and change diapers and write essays and design products and answer emails and speak at international events and say another prayer and brew another coffee and travel the world and read a chapter and kiss a skinned knee and battle imperfections and curate art and fry bacon and change my outfit and honor my husband and style lookbooks and sing lullabies and search for that ubiquitous missing sock yet again.
By night, I write it all (mostly) down here.”

Author of Chasing Slow and founder of Design for Mankind, Erin Loechner has been blogging and speaking for more than a decade. Her heartfelt writing and design work has been showcased in The New York Times, Lucky, Parenting, Dwell, Marie Claire, Elle Decor, Huffington Post, and a two-season web special, garnering over one million fans worldwide. She has spoken for and appeared in renowned international events for clients such as Walt Disney World, IKEA, Martha Stewart and Home Depot. Now nestled in a Midwestern town, Erin, her husband, and their toddler strive for less in most areas except three: joy, grace, and goat cheese.

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Erin is passionate about slow living, mold breaking and window-down, top-of-the-lung car singing. Welcome to her new-fashioned lifestyle.



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