• christmas-toy-tree-design-for-mankind

    So, This Is Christmas

    11.27.2015 / FAMILY

    Why yes, I did declare an early Christmas this year. The whole thing began innocently enough, really. The pumpkins on my front door stoop had gone bad weeks ago and I’d thrown them out and it’s just that it felt so barren out there, so gloomy, so lonely, so sadsadsad. Here then, some greenery. But only a bit. A few …

  • friendship

    When Your Friend Changes

    11.19.2015 / OTHER

    There are times you meet a friend who stands for everything you do, who fights the same battles, who struggles with the same noose. You grow close. You share sweaters and wine; you swap kids and memories. And then she makes a permanent change in her life that you have to accept. It’s a great change for her, and she’s happy and her family is happy and you are not happy. — I once heard a story of two strangers …

  • haiti 016

    Thoughts On Help

    11.13.2015 / TRAVEL

    Well, Haiti then. I don’t know how to process large moments, grand gestures. Once in Los Angeles, I walked into a roomful of 15ish friends gathered for my surprise birthday party and, after becoming startled and then grateful, I promptly accepted a mimosa and hid in the bathroom to take deep breaths for four, five minutes? Startled-and-then-grateful is a wide range of emotions to experience in a short three second span, and my brain needed some down time to recover. …

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