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    07.24.2015 / FAMILY

    Bee is 3. We’ve spent the week in tiny, intermittent celebrations – a slice of cake at one grandmother’s house, a trip to the ice cream shop with another. It has been quiet, with joy. It has been sweet. Yesterday, she ran around with the fly swatter for an hour, challenging herself to exterminate all distractions. Gotcha! Gotcha! Did NOT …

  • sadness-bed

    Good Days

    07.21.2015 / LIFE

    While brushing my teeth, a realization arrives so quickly that I spit, fast, wipe the errant toothpaste on my bath towel and tiptoe in my moccasins down the hall to the office, and I write this: I have been evaluating my good days all wrong. Nightly, I write a simple daily recap in my journal. It is a going-on-three-year tradition, a way to spotlight the small and to write down the good. “Fish tacos for dinner. Ken loved it; Bee …

  • design-for-mankind-for-old-navy-08


    07.15.2015 / FAMILY

    She wants a treat when we visit the coffee shop. On pointed toes, eyes stretched atop the counter. “Breakfast bar, please.” I won’t always say yes to a breakfast bar, I say. I know, she says. I do. I always say yes to a breakfast bar. — I am crying, on the floor. I am anxious about a project that isn’t going well, that I fear I’ll never finish, that I’m afraid will turn out terribly, that I’ll be embarrassed …

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