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    A Book

    08.26.2015 / WORK

    Well, I’m writing a book. I’ve been writing it for, oh, five months, and I have nearly one month to go, and whoa, that is soon, isn’t it? I will not stop blogging. Writing in these wee hours of the morning is the best thing for me, it is just the best thing for me. It is personal, and therapeutic, …

  • book

    Things I Keep Forgetting

    08.24.2015 / OTHER

    I don’t know; it’s just that I should probably tape it all to my fridge: When you feel hungry, but nothing sounds good, you’re actually just thirsty. Drink some water, lady. Good gracious. Everyone yells. There is grace for today. Do not order the jeans online. They will not fit, and jeans are not on your list of Things You Actually Need. Stop it. A quick listen of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down (George Michael and Elton John only, …

  • for-blog-4

    All Of It

    08.20.2015 / LIFE

    Well, we’re finding a rhythm, that’s all. Summer is melting away as we’re welcoming fall and this is the time of year I run around the house furiously sharpening pencils and cooking with cinnamon. I like summer, I like the heat, and yet, the moment I spot a yellowing leaf, any twitch left in my hand from an anxious season of wringing just kind of disappears. While we were in Ecuador, the tomatoes died. We returned home after a red-eye …

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