• friendship

    When Your Friend Changes

    11.19.2015 / OTHER

    There are times you meet a friend who stands for everything you do, who fights the same battles, who struggles with the same noose. You grow close. You share sweaters and wine; you swap kids and memories. And then she makes a permanent change in her life that you have to accept. It’s a great change for her, and she’s …

  • haiti 016

    Thoughts On Help

    11.13.2015 / TRAVEL

    Well, Haiti then. I don’t know how to process large moments, grand gestures. Once in Los Angeles, I walked into a roomful of 15ish friends gathered for my surprise birthday party and, after becoming startled and then grateful, I promptly accepted a mimosa and hid in the bathroom to take deep breaths for four, five minutes? Startled-and-then-grateful is a wide range of emotions to experience in a short three second span, and my brain needed some down time to recover. …

  • moma x hay


    11.11.2015 / PLAY

    Do you know the difference between a dinner party and a dinner? Between entertaining and having friends over? I think it’s candlelight. — I’ve never been one to call it entertaining. It sounds like an ill-fitting shoe for me, like you’ll need a ticket when you arrive, and perhaps valet, and here, can I take your coat? It sounds like a night in which I can’t serve baby carrots. For years, this kept me from inviting anyone over. The thought …

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