• cake

    A Cook-In

    06.29.2015 / OTHER

    When half of the town is out of power, when trees have landed on sidewalks, when another storm threatens the evening, it only makes sense to throw a cook-in: 1. Gather ribs, burgers, hot dogs from the fridge and freezer. They will go bad, you cannot eat them all, and so, a text chain is born. 2. Hurricane Meatfest 2015. …

  • bee worms


    06.25.2015 / OTHER

    We rise early and squeeze ourselves into a day packed for adventures: play dates in the backyard painting rocks, a turkey lunch on the patio, hunting for fresh mint at the farmer’s market, swimming late into the afternoon. It is humid; the perfect weather for memory keeping. Everything sticks. We pause often to search for worms. Woims, she says. “Worms,” I might correct. “That’s what I said, Mom. Woims.” I have stopped correcting. Woims and flamingo (mango) smoothies and “I …

  • design-for-mankind-for-old-navy-02

    A Stress Fix For The Weary

    06.22.2015 / PLAY

    I am in a rut – or rather, I have become the rut itself: trenched deep into the brain pattens of years past, channeling a former mind entirely. When stress arrives, I will always revert to Sloth Mode. When I am twelve, my older sister finds me sitting on the bathroom toilet – in its blue shag covered glory – drinking maple syrup from the bottle. What are you doing, she asks? Mom made me break up with Kyle, I …

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