• ken and bee

    Dance For Me

    10.07.2015 / FAMILY

    We used to call her the ‘Dance for me’ baby. At two weeks young, she’d look at you with blank eyes and blink, expressionless. Brow furrowed. Eyes glaring. She, the statue. We, the minions. She willed us to entertain her. She lorded over us daily with that steely face and when friends would come to meet her, they’d say, Oh …

  • glad 03

    Setting It Free

    10.05.2015 / OTHER

    Do you want to know a secret? There is a bin, in my garage to the left of the lawn mower and mulch, that houses an entire wardrobe of decade-old clothing. It has been sitting in the garage, untouched, for years now. Sometimes I scoot it over, out of the way, next to the Christmas decorations and old cans of White Heron paint and I think to myself, I’ve gotta get rid of this stuff. I wore this stuff when …

  • pizza

    What Simple Looks Like

    10.01.2015 / OTHER

    Living simply does not mean you decant quinoa into glass jars and your medicine cabinet is free of Pepto Bismol. It does not mean you wear the same moccasins daily, or that you have long wavy hair and a flower crown and you frolic in the field by day and when the moon rises, look, there is a dreamcatcher beside your bed. Sometimes it does. Other times, living simply looks like frozen pizza on a Tuesday night and eating three …

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