• P1250660

    Ode To Pants

    02.09.2016 / PLAY

    This post is brought to you by my own personal amusement, and also by the current controversy surrounding a topic that, despite the fact that it cannot adequately be described as even remotely controversial, not by any stretch, is still dividing women as if it were the Red Sea, or Marcia Brady’s side part. — I have endured many disagreements …

  • rainy day

    Being Wrong

    02.03.2016 / OTHER

    In a world where perspectives are many, where options are many-er, where we can order pizza or not, read Tolstoy or not, vote left or not, it is impossible not to bristle. It is impossible not to be wrong. — Last week, I was wrong. And it was largely uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable to declare a situation having gone one way, only to realize you have completely missed the mark. You have bent the situation toward yourself, you have stood …

  • horses

    On Drishti

    02.01.2016 / OTHER

    Overheard, today in yoga class, amidst downward dogs and cedarwood incense: Focused gaze. Drishti. Look up. — One of my instructors is a horse trainer by trade. The way it works, she says, is that you move a horse with your gaze alone. If you want the horse to move, you motion to that area with your eyes. Soft. Steady. You look to the place you want the horse to go. Focused gaze, she says. Drishti. — There is power …

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