2007-08 holiday gift guide: for the college bound guy.

Happy Day After, dear DFM readers! I’m snuggled up with my dogs again, contemplating a turkey and mustard sandwich. Yummo.

Regardless, it’s time for Installment #5 in the Holiday Gift Guide Funtivities! Today’s list is all about your favorite varsity kid: the college bound guy. I’ll be uploading all morning, so scroll down to see my top picks, with the entire list uploaded by 11AM (PST).

Happy shopping, and if you missed yesterday’s list, be sure to check out the top twenty items for the college bound gal here. OR, check out the entire guide thus far (Mon-Fri’s picks) right here.

Have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you Monday for a new fabulous list: for pets & pet lovers!

  • Dear DFM aka ANGEL (Amazing Niece Girl E.L.)-
    Happy Day After!!!! I love your wonderful gift ideas, but you have only one guess to figure out my fave from your latest post… That’s right! It’s the awesome shower curtain!!! A must-have for the language TEACHER as well as student, don’t you think?

  • hello DFM, thank you! well, it’s not much of a sketchbook – it’s a skect postcard scraps. haha.

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