A Story to Treasure

Children’s books are a hard thing to perfect. How to create a magical mood that transports a young child – and her reader – into another world? How to capture wonder? How to offer delight? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you possibly pin it all to a page?

My friend Sarah Mackenzie knows. Her publishing house, Waxwing Books, continuously creates the most breathtakingly beautiful, perfectly-paced children’s books that manage to strike just the right chord each time you read them. Her latest release, While Everyone is Sleeping, will have your toddler’s eyelids fluttering just as her older brother whispers for you to read it again. To your surprise? You’ll want to read it again, too.

And so, you do.

To Buy: While Everyone is Sleeping, by Sarah Mackenzie ($19) at Waxwing Books

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