2007-08 holiday gift guide.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, DFM will be taking a MUCH-needed vacay to her homestate, which just so happens to be her favorite place in the entire world.

I’ll be out until the end of the year, but not before I wrap up the holiday guide! Now that you’ve bought all of your fantastic gifts for each and every recipient on your list, you’ll need to know how to wrap them, yes?

Look no further! Tomorrow, DFM will present the 2007-08 Holiday Gift Guide Grand Finale, complete with gift tags, stocking stuffers, cards, paper and much, much more!

The fun will start at 11am sharp, so be sure to check in tomorrow!

  • You sure deserve a break! You’ve really outdone yourself!

    Looking forward to the grand finale, I’ve enjoyed all of the gift guides so much!

  • I have totally enjoyed reading your guide each day, you did such a great job! Happy Holidays

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