ndeur shoes.

Ok seriously. My week could not get ANY better. I didn’t think I could top the e-zine, but Ndeur just did the job for me.

Hand-painted shoes. And not ONLY hand-painted, but hand-painted-awesomeness. You know, the kind that makes your boss stop you in the bathroom, but not to tell you that you have toilet paper on your heel; to tell you that you have the coolest shoes that she’s ever seen.

The kind of shoes that when you put them on, your feet sort of float down the street and the grocer says you must have had your Wheaties this morning.

The kind of shoes that you dream of wearing when you inevitably run into your heart-stopping ex boyfriend at the market… with his new non-creative girlfriend who’s wearing totally boring shoes.

I’ve even venture to say that these are the kind of shoes that you wear to jury duty, begging to be passed over because you have a seriously cool blog and some readers that are just dying to hear about the next big thing.

The kind of shoes that make the secretary nod her head, stamp your duty notice and send you away to BlogLand.

Get them here.

  • those are awesome! i remember there was a great ebay seller (not etsy seller) missbunny who embellishes shoes but more with a rockabily/gothic/loli aesthetic.

  • 1) These painted shoes are amazing.
    2) I am blown away by your e-zine. Beautiful work, Erin. I am printing it now to save all of the inspiring quotes and photographs for those days when I could use a little push.

  • certainly would be fun to “paint” the town sporting one of those lovely slippers! think I will get my brush ready and do it myself!

  • PVE— Yes! Do it! And do send me a pic when they’re finished; I’d looooove to see how they turn out! :)

    Anyone else up for some DIY shoe-painting?

  • Congrats again on the EZINE! yay!

    I love these shoes, but i think i could make them myself….i have a few shoes that could use a face lift and im very much into creating and re-creating things…. : ) future product perhaps. HOwever i love the one with the lines….

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  • my boyfriend painted his old sneakers by himself, and although he did it with markers they didn’t turn out bad at all! but THESE here, especially the pink pair and the last pair scream “cool”. and you are so cool for making this discovery! love it!

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