• broken wrist project.

    04.21.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I love, love, LOVE what my fellow Angelines are doing with the Broken Wrist Project. What started as a way to mobilize a group of artist and writers has now grown into some pretty awesome booklets and media pieces. I am so inspired by those who truly seek to find their own paths, whether or not one already exists in this forest of life.

    Sidenote: Writers and artists in the same room, collaborating on a project? Unheard of! I LOVE it.

    • Jude

      Collaborations aside, print-outs of these would be good to keep in the car to stick under the windshield wipers of a deserving few! ☺

    • karina

      Great message.

    • design for mankind.

      I do love it so!

    • Porcelain

      Hahaha!!!! LOVE this!! So hilarious!

    • suzy

      Oh this should be a tea shirt for the girls!

    • suzy

      yes I meant ‘t’. Its late!

    • design for mankind.

      HAHAHAH absolutely, suzy!!!

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